Apple Hill
                   Adult Foster Care Home
                                   "Home away from Home" 

Activities For Daily Living


In a Level Two home, a resident may need and receive assistance in ALL areas, but cannot be dependent in more than three.  Under certain circumstances, an “Exception” can be requested for additional care. Medication management is provided to all residents.

EATING/NUTRITION  The ability to eat with or without special equipment.
PERSONAL HYGIENE  The ability to bathe, wash hair, shave and care for teeth.

DRESSING   The ability to select daily clothes, dress and undress self.
TOILETING  The ability to get to and from the toilet, to wash afterward and to adjust clothing.
MOBILITY  The ability to get around, both outside and in, using items like canes and walkers, if necessary; ability to transfer from bed to walker/cane.
BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT  The ability to understand one's needs in areas such as health and safety. Any issues with confusion, disorientation, forgetfulness or wandering may be a behavior management need.



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